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Tommy The Vet: My Story

A Lifelong Ambition

At the age of six I saw my first cow calving on my grand uncle’s small farm in Co Kerry. This memory is etched in my mind and sparked my fascination with farming and farm animals.

Loving agriculture is almost something that goes deep into your soul. My interests are not just in farming but in Irish food and agriculture. My personal experiences also of engaging in learning and trying to make myself better drive me to do the same for others.

Life Experience

I take into account my own life experiences into everything I do and say. Running a business and being a father to 4 young children, I know first-hand there is lots of things we should do but sometimes life can get in the way.

Five years ago, I wasn’t enjoying my work, nor was I very happy. Through sustained effort and work I’ve changed all of that. Paramount to everything I now do is about having fun. I say I can do a serious job without taking myself too seriously. We all spend so much time working, how we enjoy that work can have such a huge influence on every aspect of our lives.

Also for me none of this would be possible without the love and support of my amazing wife Julie.

Thanks for joining me on my blog and I hope you find it useful. If you would like to send me your feedback, please contact me.



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