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Revisiting a French friend!


France in January


Over three years ago I jumped out of a rented car outside a French veterinary practice . As I strolled towards the front door, a jeep pulled up and out popped a tall smiling French vet by the name of Olivier. For the next two days I followed and watched this guy in action. A large animal practitioner with a passion and knowledge that was infectious from the word go.
His veterinary practice (clinique veterinarie de cosse) is based in a beautiful town in northern France called Cosse Le Vivien.

At the time I had just finished my grad cert in dairy herd health in UCD and was doing my cowsignals training. I hadn’t figured out yet how to routinely deliver what I had learned into a repeatable service based business to my clients that helped improve on farm performance.

As I watched Olivier deliver his global farm programs to his dairy clients, a light bulb went of in my own head. I went home from that trip and for the next 3 weeks started building my version of what I had seen in France. Which I adapted to my grass based seasonally calving herds. There has been many people who have positively influenced my thinking of both veterinary and life over the last five years. Olivier was certainly one of those people with a positive energy and enthusiasm for his craft. I remember at the time saying to myself I really would like to have documented the trip….

So I’m delighted and very excited to be heading back to check in with Olivier in his veterinary practice in January. Better again I got the news last Friday that French company Vetoquinol have agreed to sponsor the filming costs for the trip to showcase French veterinary and farming.
So I will be heading to France with a camera to document my travels and capture some of the great work he is doing. I want to check back in on his global programs and chat about veterinary and farming in France.
It promises to be a great trip, so now begins the planning.
So watch this space!!!!

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