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Video: Episode 1 Sustainable parasite control one mans mission


I’ve been lucky over the last number of years to have some great conversations. These have often inspired me around areas of animal health and beyond. So, I said, why not start having more of them and sharing some of these inspiring people and their stories in agriculture.

I want to learn,  challenge my thinking, and who knows, even occasionally, the status quo.  A lot of conversations will be in the area of animal health. However, my interests, like leadership, may sometimes get a mention. I will have one rule to listen with a curious and open mind, ready to learn.

So I’m giving #Aginspire conversations a go for a few months.

My first guest is dairy farmer Bruce Thompson and fellow Nuffield scholar. I’ve been talking a lot about parasites for the last couple of weeks. So who better to talk about them with, than a farmer who is researching this very topic. WATCH the video above.

So episode one of maybe many we talk “sh1t” but hopefully make some sense.

We discuss

His farm and current animal health challenges

His interest in dung beetles and how they play a role in worm control

The use of FECs on-farm and much more

Huge thanks to Bruce and follow his story on twitter @friesian_man


Happy, safe farming

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