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I’ve been lucky over the last number of years to have some great conversations. These have often inspired me around areas of animal health and beyond. So, I said, why not start having more of them and sharing some of these inspiring stories of people in agriculture.

I also want to challenge my own thinking and who knows, even occasionally, the status quo.

So I’m giving #Aginspire conversations a go for a few months.

In episode 3, I’m joined by my good friend and executive coach, Geoff Dooley. Geoff and I have a long history of working together on projects. He also unknowingly has been a mentor and has always really challenged my thinking from our time working together in Xlvets to even having a go at an online business together. Few people I have met have the depth of thought and clarity to see things from different angles, then Geoff.

We discuss

We discuss his early career and the lessons he has learned along the way.

We address agriculture and the challenges of the current system

He gives his insights into leadership and affecting change