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I’ve been lucky over the last number of years to have some great conversations. These have often inspired me around areas of animal health and beyond. So, I said, why not start having more of them and sharing some of these inspiring stories of people in agriculture.

I also want to challenge my own thinking and who knows, even occasionally, the status quo.

So I’m giving #Aginspire conversations a go for a few months.

In episode 4, I talk with international expert Professor Frank Mitloehner from Dept of animal science at UC Davis.

Frank is an air quality specialist and is someone I’ve followed for a long time. He debunks a lot of myths around livestock and their role in climate change. The science is clear that ruminants do play a role in climate change. Frank, however, has a clear understanding of the difference between cows and cars.

We discuss

His early career path and journey into agricultural research

Frank talks about the different greenhouse gases and their role in global warming.

We also chat about some of the critical differences in biogenic methane and how it is cyclical through the carbon cycle.

He also gives us some insights into the opportunities for agriculture to become climate neutral with the right research and approach.

We also discuss his passion for teaching, and his timely message always to stay curious.

Thanks to Frank for his time, I would strongly recommend you follow his research on his blog on clear.ucdavis.edu and follow him on twitter @GHGguru

Watch the episode here. 

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