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Video 35 tackling antibiotic resistance

This is a topic I have become very interested in. why? Because this will be one of the key issues for ruminant farming over the next decade.

The big challenge and the driving factor behind the reduction of antibiotics is human health.

With predictions of resistant bacterial infections causing 10 million deaths globally by 2050 unless we adopt strong measures now.

This is why we talk about #onehealth. This is the fact that humans, animals, and the environment are so closely linked. As we continue to showcase how ruminant livestock can be part of a healthy and sustainable diet for the now and the future. We must take this issue of antibiotic resistance very very seriously.

Antibiotics are powerful tools in animal health and welfare. We now must use less of them and be more proactive around husbandry and management. It is all about slowing the development of resistant bacterial populations in humans and in animals.

An ounce of prevention beats a pound of cure


I have looked at this issue in detail, I developed my own five-step approach. It is somewhat different but I believe firmly it is how we tackle this challenge.

Watch the video above to find out more about how I feel we need to take on the growing threat of antibiotic resistance.

We are all in this together that is the #onehealth message.

Here is my five-step approach to how we need to tackle antibiotic resistance


Mindsets must change first around how we use and think about antibiotics in our farming systems. We do this by continued education on the subject and its vital importance for both or own health and farm animal health.


Legislation is changing in January 2022.  We will see new regulations that will impact how we use antibiotics and these regulations are necessary to change behaviours.


Data is key in this battle to tackle the problem. The utilization of data will allow us to target where usage is at a national level and on-farm. It is a very powerful tool and certainly something we must adopt more of.  It allows us to dig into usage and take proactive steps to reduce and improve areas of animal health on-farm.


Treatment success is very important. This is where we use medicines correctly on the farm to make sure we get the very best results from them. This is about education and a proactive relationship with your vet.


Optimizing biology and adopting better herd health. This is about having farming systems adopting a proactive approach to preventative medicine and herd health.


We have two options to adapt to change and both will be needed. The first is people being proactive and looking ahead making changes now, the second will be done through legislation and enforced changes. All I want for farmers to think about is how to get ahead and be more proactive now.

Thought for the day

With our mindset playing a huge role in how we adapt to changes in prescribing and usage of antibiotics. Now is the time for farmers to look ahead and adapt. It is about being more eagle than ostrich when we talk about antibiotic resistance.

Huge thanks to Nettex, Rumenco, and Progiene for helping me develop #50in50 for more information click on the link here http://www.net-tex.co.uk


Happy safe farming

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