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Forty-eight topics

Thanks to everyone for their suggestions around topics they wanted to be covered. I ran out of time but not topics.

In today’s video, I did a quick summary of some topics I didn’t get to cover. In fact, since its video 48/50, I covered forty-eight animal health topics.

Don’t worry ill be back to a weekly animal health blog and have plenty of time to cover these in more detail again.

All the #50in50 videos will be available on the website.


Thought for the day

Every so often test your limits and push yourself a little bit.


Huge thanks to Nettex, Progiene, and Rumenco fr their support in #50in50 series for more information click here https://www.net-tex.co.uk/products/sheep/ewe-nutrition/multi-lamb-rapid

Extremely effective treatment for ewes with twin lamb disease


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