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That’s it with seven hours of videos and over 40k words I’m finished #50in50.

All the content will be available on my website for people to look back on. Huge thanks to Nettex, Progiene, and Rumenco for their support in helping me put #50in50 together.

I am looking forward to launching some more exciting training with them over the coming months.


Throughout this crisis, farming has continued and our food supply systems have been functioning.

I have learned lots of lessons over the last number of years working in agriculture. The biggest one has been that farming and agriculture is all about people.

So for something a little different in my last video I’m going to talk about people and my own lessons of leadership.

With people realizing the importance of food supply during this crisis. It is a time for agriculture to continue to connect and showcase what we do. We are not just in the business of food production but that of human health!

Thanks to everyone who made suggestions around topics. I’ll be back with my weekly blog next week on animal health.


Happy safe farming

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