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Video 33 Cowsignals

The ability to think differently is what happened to me when I completed my cowsignals training.
Someone asked me to cover cowsignals for #50in50 and in the video above I give a very short overview of some of the concepts.
As a young vet, I was so focused on disease and treatments. The bottom line was what was the sickness and how could I make that animal better.
I moved to think about the why? Of disease. What underlying factors were causing the symptoms I was seeing. I moved rapidly towards focusing on prevention.

When I completed cowsignals training it changed my perspective again. Looking through the eyes of the cow. Building systems based around the needs of the cow.
For some people, cowsignals will seem like common sense. You know however what they say about common sense.

If we can build systems that make cows more productive and last longer (lactations from 3.0 to 5.5) through focusing on cowsignals we can improve welfare, production and reduce our GHG emissions.


I began employing cowsignals into my farm health programs. I spent time looking more at cows. My cowsignals training sessions became some of the most interactive and fun training that I delivered.
In the video above I lay out some of the foundations of cowsignals. Practicing these has been transformational for me in the way I approach not just cows but training in general.
For more information check out their website  https://www.cowsignals.com/en/

Thinking differently

I must thank Joep the “ cow whisperer” for his time and knowledge. As one of the founders of cowsignals, his passion and enthusiasm is simply infectious. It was also another master cowsignals trainer Vet Martin Kavanagh that was very influential also in changing my thinking around how I viewed farming systems.
I also completed my cowsignals training when I realized that if I was to be an effective communicator about farming systems. It should never be just about the cows but probably most importantly the people as well.
So I became the vet interested in cows and people, I have never looked back.
Cowsingals’ goal is to have happy cows, happy farmers, and a better planet. That’s a vision I can get behind.


One thing I’m looking forward too is going back out on-farm doing cowsignals training again.

Thought for the day
Don’t suffer “owneritis”. Familiarity and routine can create challenges as we sometimes miss small and gradual changes or problems evolving. Sometimes it’s good to step back and check that you’re seeing the right signals and reading them well.


Huge thanks to Nettex for their support in helping me create this series of #50in50 for more information http://www.net-tex.co.uk

Happy safe farming

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