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This week’s video is a little different!

Possibly it needs a little more work but what idea doesn’t.

I have been interested in milk quality on farms for quite some time. My mastitis story started with a focus on bugs and treatments. This moved into prevention, effective processes, and prevention.

I’m always moving and thinking about how to make things better and easier. So, to truly affect change on farms the role of people and good teams is really important.

I learned another lesson over the last number of weeks around building good and consistent milking routines.

I looked at what does it take to do this.

In the video below I outline some of my thinking.



It raises the question about how we can look more at people’s motivation when we build any SOPs on larger farms.

The team drives the why, the what to do, and maybe even the goals.

Milk quality is a nice place to start because it gives us performance indicators that are easy to work with and set targets.

Knowing how is easy, the wining is in the doing?


Please email me if you have a really effective team-building strategies or resources your team and farm use to build and improve the system. I am always looking for inspiration and new ideas.



Happy safe farming

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