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I’ve been lucky over the last number of years to have some great conversations. These have often inspired me around areas of animal health and beyond. So, I said, why not start having more of them and sharing some of these inspiring stories of people in agriculture.

I also want to challenge my thinking and who knows, even occasionally, the status quo.

So I’m giving #Aginspire conversations a go for a few months.

The aim is simple “To have conversations with interesting people doing inspiring things in agriculture.”

This week I catch up with sheep veterinary consultant Fiona Lovatt. A global expert in sheep medicine and the flock based approach.

Someone who is very passionate about the vet’s role in helping sheep farms and performance. She also is a clinical associate professor at the University of Nottingham.

She is also involved in the RUMA task force looking at the reduction of antibiotics across the UK agriculture. Someone who is a key opinion leader in all things flock medicine.

A great communicator and someone who continues to champion best practice on our sheep farms.

We discuss

Her early career

The value of metrics in our flocks

Why? the flock approach works

A look towards the future of sheep farming.





Follow Fiona on http://www.flockhealth.co.uk

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