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I’ve been lucky over the last number of years to have some great conversations. These have often inspired me around areas of animal health and beyond. So, I said, why not start having more of them and sharing some of these inspiring stories of people in agriculture.

I also want to challenge my thinking and who knows, even occasionally, the status quo.

I’m delighted to get 25 episodes done and thanks to all my guests for their time and knowledge.

The aim is simple “To have conversations with interesting people doing inspiring things in agriculture.”

On the final installment of Agnispire conversations, I get to chat with one of agricultures leading lights, Will Evans.

A Welsh farmer, entrepreneur, and podcaster. Will is known globally now for the conversations he has with a diverse range of farmers on his podcast Rock and roll farming https://www.rockandrollfarming.com

Will is somebody for me who truly is a genuine leader in agriculture. We talk about family, farming, and the future.

His own honesty is humbling when he talks about some of the challenges he has faced and the passion he has for supporting farmers. I commend his bravery and ongoing commitment to mental health awareness. A lesson for everybody that we all must mind and watch our own mental health.

A great lesson also was his message about the value of going beyond your comfort zone.

I also got to learn of a new phrase called organic curious!

Thanks to Will for being guest number 25 in the #aginspire conversation

We discuss:

His own farm

The world of influence and leadership

Connecting farming with the world through podcasting

The future


Watch here:

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